You’ve Got the Look

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you’ve ever known a toddler well, you know there aren’t a whole lot of situations where you can actually count on your young’n to behave in any kind of consistent way.

“What? Now you don’t like chicken?”

“No wake board shirt? I thought this was your favorite!”

With Hiram, there’s only one exception– his “look”. Hiram always has the same expression when he’s faced with something new. People who don’t know him well think he looks a little terrified. But he’s not scared. He’s observing. This is something I can completely understand. I like to do this too.

I love Hiram because he doesn’t feel self-conscious about the time he takes to assess the deal. He puts on his observation face, stands a little ways back and watches what’s happening until he understands. Then he jumps right in. Happily.



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