Don’t Google This

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I first realized Hiram was a little over-the-top anti-e-Lou, I tried Googling “talking to your toddler about a new baby.” Yeah. This was a dumb idea. Here are some of the suggestions I read from well-meaning mommies.

Let your toddler come to you with questions about the new baby. My daughter loves to talk about our baby and asks so many questions!

How nice for you and your daughter.

Involve your toddler in getting ready for the new baby. Let them pick out little presents or help decorate the room.

Please reference: “No name my baby brother!”

I got some pictures of myself when my daughter was still in my tummy and showed them to her to let her know she was in my tummy before too.

I found a few of these “momento” photos and even had one posted here to PROVE to you that this idea would never work. The photo was actually so bad I had to take it down before I felt comfortable publishing this post.

You’re welcome.

Pretend that the baby is talking to your toddler. My toddler loves this. He will have little conversations with him. So cute!


I know. I broke my own rule about never reading comments in the Babycenter chat room. Comments in my own blog? Now those were helpful and encouraging. Stay tuned– I think we’re on to something now. Thanks all.



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