Being a Big Boy. It’s Not Black and White.

October 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you ever start to think it’s easy to be human, watch a 2-year-old grapple with growing up. As I’ve mentioned, Hiram has embraced the concept of being a big boy. But that doesn’t mean he’s all big boy all the time. In fact, the switch to big boy has given me a chance to see just how complicated Hiram is, even with just two years of experience under his belt.

  • Despite his new-found freedom, Hiram still likes one of us to come in and get him out of bed. Sometimes, he jumps up as soon as he sees us and starts to play. Sometimes, he pats the spot beside him on his mattress and whispers, “I’m mama’s baby.” When he’s in this mood, he likes to be cradled in my arms.
  • Hiram and I were at the park where there is a slide that can only characterized as “big boy”. Hiram has never been down this slide before but since getting his new bed, he insisted that today was the day he give it a try. My heart pounded as I watched his little body whip down the long-fast shoot. He flew off the end and landed with a thud in the sand. He looked surprised and a little upset. But he didn’t cry. He stood up, brushed himself off and suggested we try the swings.
  • The other day Hiram insisted on wearing a pull-up with no pants. Since it was a school day, I had to insist on pants and a small struggle ensued. For 10 minutes, Hiram carried on. He was SO angry with me. Then, quietly, he asked for milk. “You want a cup of milk?” I asked. “No,” he said, “mama milk.”


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