Say What? Ladybugs.

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ever since Hiram started saying things like, “Ba!” I’ve wanted to start a series on the things he says. But alas, even though I personally  think every single thing he says is awesome, a few attempts at posting this cutie pie baby blabber helped me to see that I personally  might be the only one who was really interested. And by interested I mean, even remotely interested.

Until now folks. Last night, we had a little breakthrough at the dinner table. Hiram introduced a topic on his own. The result? I’ve decided now’s as good a time as any to give this a go.

Hiram (out of the blue): I made a ladybug.

Hadley: You did?! At daycare today?

Hiram: Yeah!

Hadley: How many spots did it have?

Hiram: Ummmm. 1-2-3-4!

Hadley: Four spots?

Hiram: Yeah! Does that sound nice?

Hadley: That does sound nice Hiram!

Hiram: Yeah!



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