Maple Tree: I Love You I Hate You

October 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

When I moved into our house, I thought the maple tree in our back yard was one of our home’s finest assets. I loved how big and fat and tall it was. I loved that it shaded our back yard and the yards of everyone 3 houses down on either side of us.

Two weeks after moving into the house, I got a nasty-gram from the insurance company letting me know if I didn’t get the tree trimmed they wouldn’t cover the house. And thus began the love/hate relationship I’ve got with our big ol’ maple.

One of the largest annoyances –er, most charming—things our tree does is to wait until the very last second to throw his leaves down. I’ll give you one chance to guess when this photo of our green, lushy tree was taken…

Yep, today.

When the leaves do come down though, you can’t miss it. They fall like snow and leave us with a back yard that is evenly coated in knee-high brown foliage (or chin high if you’re Hike).

On one hand, it’s sweet that our tree hangs onto summer for so long. On the other, giving us a 12-hour window to rake and clean out the gutters before it starts sleeting is a little bit unreasonable, in my opinion.

But please don’t ever leave me maple tree. That would be too, too sad.



§ 2 Responses to Maple Tree: I Love You I Hate You

  • Deb Olson says:

    Our neighbors have a beautiful maple that you have described perfectly. Last year we heard a forecast for snow and went out and raked in the dark even though the tree had yet to drop half of it’s leaves. Woke up the next morning to find the yard looking as if we hadn’t done anything…the wind had pulled many leaves down and no snow had fallen!

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