A List of Cute Things Hiram Says

October 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

My parents did a pretty good job keeping a record of my childhood via baby book. There are teeth, bits of hair, artwork, etc. But one of my favorite things was a list my dad wrote of all the words I said at one point in my early life. It wasn’t anything fancy– just a yellow legal pad piece of paper with word after word and an interpretation in parentheses (if necessary).

I’ve tried and tried to be good at baby booking but I am not. As a consolation to myself, I’ve decided to embrace what’s working (keeping this blog) and just record things here that I don’t want to forget. So, I’m starting this list for Hiram. So he can see all the cute things he said when he was learning to talk.

A note to the rest of you: I’m going to update this post whenever we have something new to add but I won’t mention it again. If you want to stay up on the latest, you can just check back. Also, this doesn’t replace Hike’s Dictionary, which is a compilation of things Hiram says that need more interpretation. These are just super cute things that Hiram says.

  • Do it in again.
  • Happy Birfday
  • Twinkle Twinkle Uppa Ki!
  • I feel like a morning car (star)
  • Not workin!
  • Eyes Balls
  • Oh man!
  • Mr. Klum (a.k.a. Mr. Quam)
  • Doot-de-Doo! (the sound any hollow tube makes)
  • Num-a-nums (M&M’s)
  • Little bit (I’m a little bit crabby, I’m a little bit shy)
  • Glubs (gloves)
  • Brumboni (Zamboni)
  • Gerkie (Herkie)
  • OK, I won’t (he says this after getting permission to do something)
  • Two ones
  • Slipperly
  • Flavrite (favorite)
  • Plocket (chocolate)
  • Bralella (umbrella)
  • Jingle Bells…Oh Mut Fun!
  • 7/2/12: It’s a purprise
  • 9/11/12: mad guys (instead of bad guys)
  • 9/27/12: I knowadia (I have an idea)
  • 5/22/13: Laranular (urinal)


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