Say What? I Love You.

November 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hiram had another ear infection last week and has been on some antibiotics that are apparently pretty disgusting. Usually, he’s a complete trooper about taking whatever medicine we give him, but this stuff…not so much. He made faces, he resisted by laying face down on the floor, whenever he did take it, he had to swallow hard and always said, “I don’t like that.”
One morning Hiram was particularly opposed to his ear infection medicine and flat-out refused to take it. Since I’d classify myself as a complete rule follower when it comes to taking medicine, this wasn’t an acceptable option. I mean. It says right on the bottle– “take this medicine– all of it.” I sort of forced it into his mouth and Hiram protested by spitting it onto the couch.

Oh candy corn.

I called him naughty. I explained that he HAD to take it. I actually scraped what I could off the couch and put it in his mouth again. This didn’t go over well. At all.

Hiram and I fought the rest of the morning. I was clearly being a crazy person and Hiram was clearly ticked.

That night medicine time was approaching and I was dreading it. How was I going to get him to take his medicine this time? I started by reasoning– explaining that I understood he didn’t like his medicine but he had to have it to get better. Telling him it was very important he took all of it. I also I bribed him. I promised him M&M’s when we were done.

And then, something miraculous happened. Hiram said this:

Hiram: I won’t spit it out.

Me: You won’t spit it out? That’s very good Hiram.

Hiram: I won’t spit it out. I love you.

Hiram didn’t spit it out. He looked me right in the eye while he swished his medicine around in his mouth, swallowed hard and asked for his M&M’s.



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