All Aboard the DinoTrain

November 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dino Boo Hoo.

There are books you know were conceived in a marketing department. All Aboard the DinoTrain by Deb Lund and illustrated by Howard Fine is one of these books. Because, seriously, what 2-year old doesn’t want to read a book that is about dinosaurs and trains? Both.

None. I know.

Of course, Hiram loved this book. I used to get mad reading this book to Hiram because a) he wanted to read it all the time, b) the story is boring and c) the  author is a cheater (whenever the meter was off, she’d add or subtract a “dino” to make it all even out.)

Although firm in their embrace, they still found dino dreams to chase.

We’ll never take another train, but how about a dino plane?

Not to mention the story had a pretty weak moral– in the end we all learn that if something doesn’t go as you planned, don’t try again. Don’t look on the bright side. Just pout and go back home to your mom. Actually, even the weak moral stems back to the initial rhyming problem– the whole plot was whipped around by the need to dino-rhyme at all costs.

But. As I’ve said. Hiram loved this book. He loved the illustrations and he loved the part where he got to say, “All Aboard!” He also seemed to think the story was more exciting than I give it credit for. So, there you go. If you want to be a good mom and make your kid happy, get this book for him (from the library).



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