e-Lou Update

November 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been in a e-Lou-prep frenzy lately, mainly because I can tell that every day everything gets harder. Which makes me feel a little panicked about getting stuff done in time. And it also makes me work too hard and end up sacked out on the floor by 7 p.m. But progress is being made, people!

See, here’s e-Lou’s crib.

I know. e-Lou’s crib has a bathtub in it.

But at least now I don’t have to try to pretend to be breezy when people ask me how things are coming along. Up until last week, one of my key messages was, “All I really need are a few onesies and a laundry basket with a blanket right?”

We’ve got a lot of other stuff done too. I just washed e-Lou’s entire wardrobe last night. Thanks to Hiram and my other generous friends and family, we won’t be doing any baby laundry for at least a month– even if e-Lou is a blow-out machine. So yes, things are coming along. Despite all the naps I need.




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