E-Lou: The Final Stretch

November 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

Ugh. 36 weeks done and a month go to. I’m officially a crabby pregnant lady now and have started trying to use my “visualization skills” to get e-Lou born a little early. As in…any day now would be just fine with me. No but seriously, I have put a lot of thought into this and have come up with this list of birth dates (ordered by preference):

First Choice: 12/12, because that is a cool birthday, especially since Hiram’s birthday is 6/6 and our anniversary is 9/9. Oh and, it’s only 3 weeks away.

Second Choice: 12/15, because it would be a very convenient date for me, work-wise and otherwise.

Third Choice: Anytime before 12/22 because having your baby before your due date is like getting away with something.

Fourth Choice: 12/22 because it’s his due date and also winter solstice which is kind of nice. I can say to e-Lou, “The sun started shining longer and longer every day after you were born.”

Fifth Choice: Not Christmas or Christmas Eve.

Sixth Choice: 12/31 because anything longer than that is completely ridiculous. And the tax break. And if I am pregnant in 2012 I will poke out my own eyeballs.



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