Hiram: 2 Years + 6 Months

December 6, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’ll Tell You How it is: This month, I’ve noticed a change in how Hiram processes information. It’s like he can hang onto it for longer and then use it explain situations in more depth.  For example, they’ve been doing quite a bit of road construction at the end of our block. It’s been going on for a while, which has given Hiram the chance to ask a lot of questions. We always try to tell him what we can about the project– but considering I don’t think either of us know much about what they are actually doing, I’m not sure how much help we really are. It seems Hiram has it figured out anyway. Last week, he told us this on the way to school: The road is broken. They are fixing it. The man is fixing it by making a big, big pile.

Little Bit: This month, we’ve been talking to Hiram about feelings. We talk about things that would make him sad and then things that would make him happy. He’s pretty good at thinking up scenarios for each of these emotions (I would be sad if my puppy fell down) and has started telling us about his own real-life feelings too. When he’s talking about real life, though, he’s always just a “little bit” of whatever he feels– a little bit sad, a little bit shy, etc. And as soon as we acknowledge any negative feeling, he says, “I’m all better now.” That was quick.

I don’t: Sweet Hiram. He’s already exhibiting the “be perfect” characteristics of a first-born child. Whenever he sees someone doing something wrong, he looks at us with a serious expression and says, “I don’t [insert naughty behavior here].” This is usually awesome, but sometimes it gets me a stern reprimand. Like, when I suggested he “jump onto the chair” so I could put his shoes on without bending over. “I don’t jump on chairs,” he said.



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