Bon Voyage Uncle DQ

December 8, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today it’s me who feels a little bit sad. My baby brother (and Hike’s beloved Uncle DQ) set off on what sounds like it will be an absolutely amazing adventure in San Antonio, Texas.

He’s moving there to follow his dream of working in the golf industry. I just know he’s going to rock it and can’t even begin to imagine something more awesome for my brother to do.

Plus, having a brother in Texas is a perfect excuse to go some place warm in the winter. I wonder how he’ll feel about apartment guests (aged 34, 33, 2.5 and 0) in the next few months…

Good luck Uncle David! We love you and miss you already!



§ 4 Responses to Bon Voyage Uncle DQ

  • Dottie Dot says:

    Please tell me this picture was taken this summer. Otherwise, I’m very jealous of the winter gear (short sleeves and shorts) you’re wearing 😉

  • David says:

    Hi Barrows family,

    Texas is great so far. Green grass, leaves on trees, and warm weather. even palm trees! Ive heard its supposed to be near 80 on Wed, although possibly rainy. The past couple days its been that way. a little dreary with light sprinkles. more like a mist. Its probably good though since the locals say its been such a drought (sp?, looks right :)) lately. Anyway, youll have to come visit sometime. Mom, Dad, and I drove by the riverwalk and the alamo which looked very cool. we just drove by though and didnt get out of the car since it was sort of rainy.

    Much love to everyone and we will be in touch.

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