Hiram’s Imaginary World of Hockey

January 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

One of my absolute most favorite things in the world is Hiram’s imagination. It’s awesome because it’s amazing and blah blah blah. But it’s also pretty handy because we don’t have to buy him any actual toys.

For example, we’ve relegated most of his “real” hockey equipment to outside. Which means, if Hiram wants to play hockey in the living room, he needs to get creative. Here are a few examples:

This bottle koozie is his hockey glove (or, more cutely, his hockey glub)

This spoon is his hockey stick, although now he’s started calling it his “hockey spoon”

This piece of fake pepperoni is one of many, many hockey pucks. If for some reason, one of the 25 pizza topping pieces isn’t readily available, he’ll also use a balled up sock or a puzzle piece.

This sippy cup is his water bottle. I guess this isn’t that imaginative but it’s still cute how he likes it to sit on the net (a.k.a. the footstool) and sip it between periods (like daddy does).

This blank space is his pads and helmet, which are imaginary but are always buckled, strapped and snapped in place before any playing can begin.

Hiram David, you are awesome.


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