Hiram: 2 Years + 8 Months

February 6, 2012 § 3 Comments

It’s been a pivotal big boy-month for Hiram.

Hi: Hiram’s started writing the first two letters of his name. Over and over and over. I love this, especially because he’s also writing “Hi Hi Hi Hi.” His favorite part is writing the letter “i” which “has a ball on top” and he’s adopted some enhancements to make this letter extra special. The “i” is very long (from the top of the paper to the bottom) which means the ball has to sit just to the right at the top.

Making Bubbles: This month, Hiram has started “making bubbles” (a.k.a. peeing) in the potty most mornings. And the mornings he misses are pretty much all my fault. You see, there’s a 30-second window between when morning babble begins and morning bubbles ensue. Sometimes, I can’t resist a few more minutes of sleep, which I only regret when I finally make it into Hiram’s room. There I find my big boy with a hint of disappointment on his face. “I already made bubbles in my diaper, mama.”

Well, OK Then: Hiram’s getting better and better at speaking his mind and most of the time he’s got a pretty valid point. Last week when I asked him why he wouldn’t wear his jeans, he struck a pose that resembled the Hamill Camel and said, “Because then I can’t go like this.”


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