A Regular ol’ Weekend

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

We were busy last weekend. Howabout that?

Our family of four has moved past the hunkering down phase and into something that feels a little more like living together. It was pretty nice.

Friday was pizza night at my mom and dad’s house. Here’s Eldyn distracting my mom from pizza making.

Saturday was a trip to Mora and then date night at the Luminary Loppet (thanks to no snow, it was actually a hike). Here’s Hiram who had to take it upon himself to get a nap in at Grandma and Grandpa Barrows’ house.

Here’s one of the sights we saw along the hiking path at the loppet.

Sunday, Hiram had his prayer milestone at church. Thanks to Bumpa who stayed home with Eldyn, we both got to go– along with Giki. Here’s the awesome pillow case he made.

We also did our taxes and watched the Superbowl. Well, kind of watched the Superbowl. It was on while I slept on the couch.


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