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e-Lew was in the mood for some face-out Baby Bjorn riding yesterday, which gave me a chance to do a little seed shopping at Home Depot. I went in with a level head and a budget of 20 bucks. I came out with $26 worth of seeds and visions of an amazing (and yet to ever be achieved by me) backyard flower wonderland.

The thing is. I am actually terrible at gardening.

This is because I hate doing gardening things like weeding, watering and just generally paying attention to my plants.

But I love dreaming about gardening and imagining how great my garden is going to be and making big plans. Which is why it’s probably best for me to go a little over budget on seeds and focus on messing that up. Spending money on actual flowers and plants is a much bigger budget buster and actually helps to perpetuate my hatred of gardening.

So. Along with my herb and vegetable pots, which I had mediocre luck with last year, here are the things I’m excited about for 2012.

1) The “Simple Solutions Mailbox and Lamppost Garden.” I’ve had my eye on this sure-to-disappoint-garden-in-an-envelope for years. But it requires full sun and a place for flowers to climb. Since we’re moving one of our rain barrels to a more sunny location this year, I think it’s finally time.

2) The “Simple Solutions Sunny Perennial Cut Flower Garden.” The same idea as above, and an impulse buy. Because how can I resist a garden-in-an-envelope that will keep disappointing me year after year?

Stay tuned. I’m planning to post backyard garden wonderland pictures as soon as they’re available!


The Cure for a Sleepy Foot

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I still remember the first time my foot fell asleep. I was sitting in the back of a station wagon and when I climbed out, I had the distinct feeling my shoe was full of sand. I told this to my dad and remember him saying, almost immediately, that it was more likely my foot was asleep. I thought this sounded unlikely, but it turned out he was right. His diagnosis impressed me because:

  1. It wasn’t his foot
  2. It felt exactly like how it feels after a good play in the park
  3. He knew just what to do to make the crazy feeling stop

Not only was his diagnosis handy at the time, it was helpful again when Hiram’s foot fell asleep the other day. Especially because it played out almost exactly like it did when I was little.

  1. Hiram got a concerned sort of look on his face and immediately started taking off his shoe.
  2. I asked him what was the matter and he said he had sand in his shoe.
  3. I, realizing we had not recently been to the park, was able to save the day by quickly diagnosing the problem and encouraging him to take appropriate action.

Bam! I rock!

(Thanks dad)

e-Lew Weekly: 3/28/12

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Fifteen weeks.

And the Transition Begins

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3/28 BREAKING NEWS!! After last night’s post about Eldyn’s inability to sleep, he slept all night. I guess we don’t call him e-Lew for nothing… 

Given March’s proximity to the end of cold\flu season, we got it in our heads that we should arrange for Eldyn’s in-home care until month four. This way, we thought, he’d have a fighting chance against the snot-nosed wolves at daycare. At least until next fall. And so, as part of my ridiculous nesting phase, I began planning for his March/April care about a year ago. This is not an exaggeration.

The result of all this preparation was a surprisingly simple plan:

Simple, I should add, thanks to heroic efforts from both sets of grandparents.

As you may have noticed on my O.C.D excel spreadsheet, this week marked the first time Eldyn was to spend his days away from home. Even though he was just staying with my parents, in a place he knows better than most, I thought he might have trouble with this. Given his tendency towards particularity and all. But he didn’t. Really.

Unless you count falling asleep mid-dinner, regressing back into numerous night wakings and an overall testy evening disposition.

Good thing it’s only twice a week. God help us when snot-wolves enter the equation.


Brain Power

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Hiram and his dad got to playing with the pulleys at the park the other day. It’s like you can actually see his brain working.

Letter to the Babysitter: Eldyn 2012

March 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

Now for Eldyn’s bedtime routine (as of today). Don’t worry, it isn’t nearly as long and unruly as Hiram’s. Luckily for us, it’s still a pretty simple process.

1) Eldyn will start to act tired sometime between 6 and 7:30. It’s in your best interest to jump on this window of tiredness.

2) Take Eldyn upstairs and change him into a night-time diaper, a long-sleeved onesie and sleep sack.

3) Turn on his white noise CD and turn off his light. Don’t forget to put the white noise CD on repeat. It’s OK to leave the lamp on at this point.

4) Give Eldyn a little bit of milk but don’t let him fall asleep. If he’s very tired, you might need to jostle him a bit to keep him from dozing off.

5) Once he stops eating, put him in his bed and tell him “It’s time to go to sleep now, Eldyn.” Personally, I try to concentrate on seeming positive and happy about this, I think it helps get him in the right frame of mind. If he starts fussing, it’s OK to give him the pacifier, but just for a minute. Make sure you take it with you when you leave the room or he’ll drop it out of his mouth when he falls asleep and then he’ll start crying.

6) When his eyes get droopy but not shut, take the pacifier, turn out the light and walk casually out of the room. He might fuss a little bit after you leave, but should be able to fall asleep within 10 minutes. If he’s still crying/fussing after that, go back in and try the pacifier trick again. You can also try rubbing his tummy.

7) I’m still feeding him at about 11 each night but if he wakes up before then, try to get him to go back to sleep without eating. Otherwise he won’t eat well at 11 and we’ll be waking up all night long.

March Madness

March 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

In an effort to spruce up March, I started filling out basketball brackets a few years ago. Even though I don’t really watch basketball or know anything (at all) about the teams, it’s still fun to keep track of things and see if I “won” at the end of the month. This year, Hiram filled out a bracket too.

Sort of.

We asked him to pick between the two names and then wrote down whatever he said. Secretly, I was kind of hoping he would get them all perfect and then, boy, would we have a story on our hands! Instead, he picked Gonzaga to win it all (going on names alone, who wouldn’t, really?) and is basically already out. Although he did pick Lehigh which apparently is the upset of the century.

Here is his bracket. Of course when he saw us writing on it, he felt like it would be fun to decorate it too.

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