March 7, 2012 § 3 Comments

One of my favorite views.

You know who I don’t rave about enough? My best friend Megan. Since it’s her birthday today, I thought I’d surprise her with a little love on Andthen… Surprise!

Of course, I’ve always loved being with this amazing woman. But having Eldyn made me realize how much I actually need her too. And by need, I mean, NEED.

Ask Bradly.

Ask him about tea night last week. The night when I literally dumped a screaming bundle of blubbering baby bawl into his arms and high-tailed it out of the house. High-tailed it out with a scowl on my face, a kink in my neck and a stomp, stomp, kick in my feet.

There’s a sign on the way to Megan’s house. It’s a great big red arrow. I think it’s supposed to be signaling customers into some store parking lot by her house, but to me it screams, “Turn here! Turn here for happiness!” I love that sign. I love following that sign and I love pulling up in front of Megan’s cute little house. It’s instant relief. Or excitement. Or quiet. Or whatever I need.

I know how lucky I am to have Megan in my life. I can see how people lose track of their girlfriends when babies arrive. But Megan has been persistent. Insistent. That we remain friends even when I’m too preoccupied to give it everything I used to.

  • Too busy to visit? I’ll come to you.
  • Too busy for lunch? I have extra chicken salad.
  • Too busy to talk? Fine, I’ll send you a text.

I hope she knows I’ve noticed and I appreciate it. And I will return the favor whenever I can. She’s one of the most important people in my life and I know for sure, I’d never be the good parts of the person I am without her.

I love you Megan Moore Smith! Happy Birthday!


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