Letter to the Babysitter: Hiram 2012

March 16, 2012 § 3 Comments

Last weekend was the Minnesota Boy’s hockey tournament and it reminded me that last year at this time, I documented Hiram’s sweet bedtime routine. When I went back to read it again, I realized how much we’ve evolved since then. It made me want to refresh it and publish it again. Perhaps an annual hockey tourney/bedtime routine tradition on andthen…?

Hiram’s Bedtime routine—start at 7:15, bedtime is 8

1) Do Ducky. “Ducky” is Hiram’s inhaler (the mask looks like a duck) and he’s good about cooperating. Just do two puffs with one minute in-between. For each puff, have him breathe 6 times. He likes to have his car gummy (vitamin) during the 60 second break.

2) Brush teeth and make bubbles. For some reason, he will sometimes flat-out refuse to do either of these things. If this is the case, just move on to step 3.

3) Change into a nighttime diaper, pajama bottoms and the t-shirt he will wear tomorrow. Hiram likes to pick out his own shirt and will probably pick either his football jersey or soccer ball shirt. Whatever he picks is completely fine.

4) Read 3 books. Hiram often insists on picking out the books himself, but has realized this is an area of opportunity for stalling. In the case of stalling, ask him if he would like to skip books. This has always been the nudge he needs to pick a few out. Lately, his favorites are “The God Book,” (start at the bookmark and 3 chapters = 1 book) Little Miss Sunshine and Punk Farm. 

5) After books, someone turns out the lights (Hiram can do it himself, but he has to stand on his shoes) and lay down on the floor in the dark. This step only lasts a minute or so.

6) When you’re ready, say, “OK, Hiram, it’s time to climb into your bed.” Usually Hiram will climb in on his own, but sometimes he likes to “be a baby.” If he’s in the mood for that, pick him up and put him in his bed.

7) Sing songs and prayers. We sing two songs, and then say prayers. Hiram often feels “shy” about saying his prayers, so we just think of a few things to be thankful for and don’t make a big deal out of it. Favorite songs are ones from music class, along with “The Bumblebee song” and “Ice Cream Man.”

8) Hiram will tell you he would like the door “open, open, open.” This means leaving it open about 8 inches. Sometimes, he will say he wants the door, “Open, open, open, open, open, open, open.” This means he would like the door wide open. Give him a kiss and tell him to sleep tight. He’s very good about going to sleep on his own from here.

Riveting, I know! Don’t worry if you can’t get enough. Next week I’ll attempt to describe e-Lew’s bedtime routine.


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