What’s My Name?

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

In honor of my upcoming phone upgrade, here’s a story about my current phone (a.k.a. my least favorite phone, ever).

I have cheeks with a mind of their own. They’re plump. Apple-y. Especially when I smile.

This has never been a problem until I got a phone that suggestive sells things on its screen. What’s worse, it suggestive sells whenever it wants. It pops up messages that suggest I “click OK” to purchase some additional service or feature. Which means sometimes when I’m talking to someone on the phone who makes me smile, my cheek signs me up for something.

A few months ago, my cheek signed us up for voicemail transcription to text.

While this service is handy, it’s not pay for it handy, so I called Sprint to have them cancel. The woman removed the service fee, but I still get all my voicemail transcribed to text. This seems like an awesome outcome, except this transcription service has no clue what my name is. Every voicemail that starts, “Hi Hadley” is messed up. This bugs me.

Here’s a list of things my phone has called me:

  • Jay
  • Jenny
  • Having
  • Henry
  • Adam
  • Todd
  • Have Lee
  • had libera
  • Eileen
  • have bring
  • everywhere
  • T
  • Happy
  • Honey
  • Abby
  • Pete
  • Have leave
  • Heather
  • Patrick
  • Judy
  • Keith
  • Leigh
  • Kathleen
  • Hardly Bear

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