And the Transition Begins

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

3/28 BREAKING NEWS!! After last night’s post about Eldyn’s inability to sleep, he slept all night. I guess we don’t call him e-Lew for nothing… 

Given March’s proximity to the end of cold\flu season, we got it in our heads that we should arrange for Eldyn’s in-home care until month four. This way, we thought, he’d have a fighting chance against the snot-nosed wolves at daycare. At least until next fall. And so, as part of my ridiculous nesting phase, I began planning for his March/April care about a year ago. This is not an exaggeration.

The result of all this preparation was a surprisingly simple plan:

Simple, I should add, thanks to heroic efforts from both sets of grandparents.

As you may have noticed on my O.C.D excel spreadsheet, this week marked the first time Eldyn was to spend his days away from home. Even though he was just staying with my parents, in a place he knows better than most, I thought he might have trouble with this. Given his tendency towards particularity and all. But he didn’t. Really.

Unless you count falling asleep mid-dinner, regressing back into numerous night wakings and an overall testy evening disposition.

Good thing it’s only twice a week. God help us when snot-wolves enter the equation.



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