The Cure for a Sleepy Foot

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

I still remember the first time my foot fell asleep. I was sitting in the back of a station wagon and when I climbed out, I had the distinct feeling my shoe was full of sand. I told this to my dad and remember him saying, almost immediately, that it was more likely my foot was asleep. I thought this sounded unlikely, but it turned out he was right. His diagnosis impressed me because:

  1. It wasn’t his foot
  2. It felt exactly like how it feels after a good play in the park
  3. He knew just what to do to make the crazy feeling stop

Not only was his diagnosis handy at the time, it was helpful again when Hiram’s foot fell asleep the other day. Especially because it played out almost exactly like it did when I was little.

  1. Hiram got a concerned sort of look on his face and immediately started taking off his shoe.
  2. I asked him what was the matter and he said he had sand in his shoe.
  3. I, realizing we had not recently been to the park, was able to save the day by quickly diagnosing the problem and encouraging him to take appropriate action.

Bam! I rock!

(Thanks dad)


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