March 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

e-Lew was in the mood for some face-out Baby Bjorn riding yesterday, which gave me a chance to do a little seed shopping at Home Depot. I went in with a level head and a budget of 20 bucks. I came out with $26 worth of seeds and visions of an amazing (and yet to ever be achieved by me) backyard flower wonderland.

The thing is. I am actually terrible at gardening.

This is because I hate doing gardening things like weeding, watering and just generally paying attention to my plants.

But I love dreaming about gardening and imagining how great my garden is going to be and making big plans. Which is why it’s probably best for me to go a little over budget on seeds and focus on messing that up. Spending money on actual flowers and plants is a much bigger budget buster and actually helps to perpetuate my hatred of gardening.

So. Along with my herb and vegetable pots, which I had mediocre luck with last year, here are the things I’m excited about for 2012.

1) The “Simple Solutions Mailbox and Lamppost Garden.” I’ve had my eye on this sure-to-disappoint-garden-in-an-envelope for years. But it requires full sun and a place for flowers to climb. Since we’re moving one of our rain barrels to a more sunny location this year, I think it’s finally time.

2) The “Simple Solutions Sunny Perennial Cut Flower Garden.” The same idea as above, and an impulse buy. Because how can I resist a garden-in-an-envelope that will keep disappointing me year after year?

Stay tuned. I’m planning to post backyard garden wonderland pictures as soon as they’re available!


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