Truck Rally

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Brad has been talking about this “truck rally” play date for weeks and I was relieved when I finally realized it was actually a bunch of fire trucks, police cars, busses and bulldozers all gathered up in the Southdale parking lot. I guess I was envisioning a loud, dusty big-wheel-truck rally at the Target Center or something.

I still had to muster up good spirits though, considering the entire event was held in an all-out downpour. Of course, Hiram and his friend didn’t mind at all– in fact, Hiram luh-huved it. Here are a few really cute photos.


Take Your Advice and…

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

You know what? I think authors of parenting advice materials should think seriously about the state of their readers when they write their stuff.

I thought this first when I went to my favorite standby parenting book, The Baby Book, by William Sears, to see what I should do about Eldyn’s colic. Here’s something that book said, verbatim:

“I find it very interesting that colic usually does not begin until after the second week of life. Could it be that the infant is giving us a two-week grace period to help her get organized and adjust to life outside the womb? If her expected parenting style is not fulfilled, her system goes from neutral equilibrium to disequilibrium…resulting in the total behavioral decompensation we call colic.”

Well now, if that doesn’t make you feel kind of like poo. I mean. Just when you’re trying to get organized and adjust to life with a baby outside your womb, you read this bologna and realize you caused your baby to have TOTAL BEHAVIORAL DECOMPENSATION.

Plus, even though there are plenty of important sounding words up there (and according to WordPress spell check, one non-word), what he’s saying isn’t even research. It’s just something  “interesting” to him.

I’ll tell you what’s actually interesting…

Megan’s pregnant!

As a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about parenting advice lately. This will be Megan’s first baby and so she’s making me feel useful by asking questions. I go happily along answering like I actually know what I’m talking about when it’s entirely possible I don’t. Especially when you consider I haven’t even met her little boo yet.

So, Dr. Sears. I’ll give you a pass for pawning parenting bologna off as fact because it really is irresistible to do.

However. Megan, just remember, whatever I say is bologna. Except this: You’ll make an amazing mama despite my terrible advice. xoxox.

The Problem with Coaching

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Bless his heart, Bradly had the idea to help Hiram make me a “self-esteem-booster video” of sorts.

e-Lew Weekly: 4/25/12

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Nineteen Weeks

Out of Scope = Retirement Planning

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One thing I am coming to realize: If my kids are annoying to me, it is probably because I am trying to do something that should really just be “out of scope.” Like, painting our bedroom during “wake-up time,”  or sweeping the floor while Hiram eats his snack.

It’s hard to relate to friends who are seeing their kids off to college and are legitimately worried about what they will do with all their new-found time. Sometimes all I can do is dream of a day when my teenage boys don’t want to get out of bed until noon. Just think what Brad and I could do with a lazy spring morning. Sweatpants, for sure. Coffee shop, for sure. A walk around the lake? Oh man. Heaven.

So, instead of resenting my kids for having their age-appropriate dispositions, I’m going to concentrate on enjoying them every minute. I’ll  just start writing my “out of scope” ideas down for use when I am absolutely heartsick to see my babies grow up. (I have a feeling I’m going to need more than a list to get myself out of the empty nest slump).

Here’s the start:

  • Get coffee and walk around the lake. Eat breakfast at a cafe afterwards
  • Go on a long vacation
  • Go out to eat somewhere nice on a whim
  • Watch an indie movie in a theater
  • Plant an actual, functioning garden that doesn’t die immediately

Happy Birthday andthen…

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It’s a hard to believe, but andthen… has been around for a full two years now. If you read everything since my first post in April of 2010, you are currently reading your 484th post. That makes me feel like I am a little bit crazy.

I started my blog because I saw my life flying by and realized I was never going to be able to remember all the wonderful and amazing things that were happening. I hope I keep blogging for years and years more, but here’s a list of my favorite/most memorable posts to date.

Hiram’s first birthday party: For some reason, this day remains one of the three happiest days of my life

Announcing Eldyn: His birth announcement and e-Lew weekly posts

Videos of early Hiram: His first steps, his first words and Where’s the Duck?

The Epic Pre-Lew Purge: When I didn’t want to blog, only purge. And so, you poor souls had to read about every single detail of my nesting and baby prep phase.

The Poinsettia post: an Ode to my Baby Baby, who we lost to miscarriage between Hiram and e-Lew. I am proud that this post made it onto Offbeat Mama and touched others who have had a miscarriage too

Earth Day: For the Kids

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I had writers block on Friday (a.k.a. all I wanted to do was paint our bedroom) so I promised myself I’d do a little something nice about the earth for Earth Day. My plan was to spend the weekend asking Hiram what he liked about nature and then recap here, now. So.

On Saturday morning we took Hiram on our weekly canoe paddle in Loonacy. Afterwards, he and I were sitting by the canoe while Brad went to get the car and I asked him what he liked best about the experience.

“The water? The birds?” I prompted.

“The graham cracker.” He said.

Later on, I noticed Hiram was getting a little fritsy so I suggested we head out to the back yard to play. Before we went out, I asked, “What do you like best about being outside?”

“Being inside,” he said, “I’m cold.”

Happy Earth Day, my friends. I still think it’s worth the trouble to keep things nice for the kids.

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