Hiram: 2 Years + 10 Months

April 6, 2012 § 3 Comments

It was actually kind of tricky to limit my stories to 3 this month. Lately, every single day has at least one story-worthy development.

Fits and Tantrums: This kid. If I didn’t mention the tantrums this month, I’d be lying by omission. It’s tricky because he’s pretty much always on the verge. But luckily, they seem to pass as quickly as they come. And without lingering hard feelings to boot. After a particularly ruthless one, Hiram said to me, “I’m all done having a fit.”

H for Hiram! He’s known how to write an H and an I for a few months now, but lately Hiram has started pointing out every H he sees. He does this by saying, “H for Hiram!” He also talks a mile a minute. Yesterday in the car, Hiram said this stream of sentences all in one breath. “My finger hurts me. It is bleeding on me. H for Hiram. I need a car Band Aid.”

What’s Your Day? If the dinner conversation ever gets boring, Hiram is the first one to change the subject. “What’s your day?” he will say. Then, he listens intently as you try to share something about your day that might seem even remotely interesting to him. Of course, then you’re supposed to ask him about his day. His story is always better, always involves a few explosions and always ends with, “and then we fell down.”


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