Say What? Which Way?

April 10, 2012 § 3 Comments

Hiram’s getting really good at understanding what we say. Now if only we’d stop talking crazy.

  • Over the weekend, Hiram still had a full plate of food after gorging himself on lunch. On deck were brownies, so we asked him if he “had room for dessert.” He used his hand to push his noodles into a corner of the plate and looked at us like, “Of course!”
  • At dinner he asked us when his birthday was and we told him it was “still a ways away.” He looked out the window and said, “Which way? That way (right)? Or that way (left)?”




§ 3 Responses to Say What? Which Way?

  • Megan says:

    I say point to the east when talking about things that are still to come, since that is where each new days starts. The following days must be lined up behind it, right? And then Hiram will start learning about the cardinal directions.

  • Steve says:

    Good idea Megan. The future is in the east; the past is in the west. I love it. Of course what’s in the north and south? Oh that’s right, Canada and Iowa.

  • Sue Yund says:

    When my oldest daughter was 2, we were at the dinner table and said to her, “Are pulling out leg?” regarding something funny she had said. She peered under the table and said, “No, I’m not pulling your leg.” Kids say the darnest things!

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