Eldyn: 4 Months

April 13, 2012 § 3 Comments

Four months! Eldyn’s rapidly growing out of the 6 month size and is pure wonderful.

Thumbs Up: Despite e-Lew’s increased risk of becoming a thumb-sucking college freshman, I couldn’t be happier he found his thumb. Along with soothing himself back to sleep, he also sucks his thumb when he’s feeling even remotely sleepy. This does wonders for my ability to identify that elusive “sleep window” everyone keeps talking about.

The things you eat for love: I made it 35  years without eating prunes, but that’s all over now. According to 1) my friend, 2) a woman in my yoga class and 3) my friend’s-friend’s-chiropractor, prune-infused breast milk works like magic. Considering e-Lew can save up poo for weeks at a time, I’m willing to try whatever. Even prunes. (It is possible this trick works comically well. Either that or last week was just a funny coincidence).

Hahaha: I can’t even believe how magical my baby sounds when he laughs. Luckily for the entire world, Eldyn’s started laughing this month and he’s been doing it more and more every day. So far, Eldyn thinks Hiram is the funniest.


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