Earth Day: For the Kids

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had writers block on Friday (a.k.a. all I wanted to do was paint our bedroom) so I promised myself I’d do a little something nice about the earth for Earth Day. My plan was to spend the weekend asking Hiram what he liked about nature and then recap here, now. So.

On Saturday morning we took Hiram on our weekly canoe paddle in Loonacy. Afterwards, he and I were sitting by the canoe while Brad went to get the car and I asked him what he liked best about the experience.

“The water? The birds?” I prompted.

“The graham cracker.” He said.

Later on, I noticed Hiram was getting a little fritsy so I suggested we head out to the back yard to play. Before we went out, I asked, “What do you like best about being outside?”

“Being inside,” he said, “I’m cold.”

Happy Earth Day, my friends. I still think it’s worth the trouble to keep things nice for the kids.


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