Take Your Advice and…

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

You know what? I think authors of parenting advice materials should think seriously about the state of their readers when they write their stuff.

I thought this first when I went to my favorite standby parenting book, The Baby Book, by William Sears, to see what I should do about Eldyn’s colic. Here’s something that book said, verbatim:

“I find it very interesting that colic usually does not begin until after the second week of life. Could it be that the infant is giving us a two-week grace period to help her get organized and adjust to life outside the womb? If her expected parenting style is not fulfilled, her system goes from neutral equilibrium to disequilibrium…resulting in the total behavioral decompensation we call colic.”

Well now, if that doesn’t make you feel kind of like poo. I mean. Just when you’re trying to get organized and adjust to life with a baby outside your womb, you read this bologna and realize you caused your baby to have TOTAL BEHAVIORAL DECOMPENSATION.

Plus, even though there are plenty of important sounding words up there (and according to WordPress spell check, one non-word), what he’s saying isn’t even research. It’s just something  “interesting” to him.

I’ll tell you what’s actually interesting…

Megan’s pregnant!

As a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about parenting advice lately. This will be Megan’s first baby and so she’s making me feel useful by asking questions. I go happily along answering like I actually know what I’m talking about when it’s entirely possible I don’t. Especially when you consider I haven’t even met her little boo yet.

So, Dr. Sears. I’ll give you a pass for pawning parenting bologna off as fact because it really is irresistible to do.

However. Megan, just remember, whatever I say is bologna. Except this: You’ll make an amazing mama despite my terrible advice. xoxox.


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