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I just started a blog for Commemorate the Date. I probably won’t update it as often as I update andthen… but still a few times a week. All things flowers and pretty, plus news on Commemorate The Date events, offers and products.

Commemorate the Date blog


e-Lew Weekly: 5/30/12

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Twenty-Four Weeks

Garden Update

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It might not be the Garden Wonderland I promised in my post about seeds, but it is an update nonetheless. I am actually having more luck than I anticipated having by this point in the season.


May 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

Hiram holding Minnamin

One of the things Hiram found the hardest about Potty Camp was being away from his beloved teachers, friends and brother for a whole week. While he did a great job getting to know the other kids there, his best friend was always a monster named Minnamin. Minnamin started out being a small girl monster on Monday. Now, she’s a he. And he’s “bigger, bigger.” He grows every day.

Minnamin sleeps in an imaginary bed beside Hiram’s, sits in the cup holder in the family car and hops up and down off the bench in the Potty Camp lobby. On Wednesday, Hiram was giggling on the bus and I asked him what was funny.

“Minnamin is tickling my feet,” he said.

Hike’s Dictionary: Long

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Long (adjective)

To have been left out of the fridge for too long to be considered safe to consume. Often applies to food or drink that has been left in the car, found in the couch cushions or discovered under a table in a public restaurant. This sippy cup has long milk in it.

I’m very happy that Hiram has learned to make the distinction between long and regular food and drink. Although being able to discern and really giving a hoot are two entirely different things.

e-Lew Weekly: 5/23/12

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Twenty-Three Weeks

Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Blog Today

May 22, 2012 § 3 Comments

  1. Hiram needs all his clothes washed again before Potty Camp tomorrow
  2. Every single Tupperware container in the house is dirty and three of us need lunches packed
  3. Eldyn’s got 1/64th of a tooth (and a resulting disinclination to sleep)
  4. We’re fresh out of Poopie Cookies (HC- you are right, poopie cookies work like a charm)
  5. We’re also out of baby Tylenol
  6. Brad has requested my mad proofing skills (this almost never happens)
  7. Hiram peed on Eldyn’s rug
  8. All the flowers I planted last weekend are wilting
  9. I still need to go running
  10. I’m too busy doing the potty dance!

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