May 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

Oh man you guys. Read Swamplandia!


Don’t do it because you want to feel any kind of happy for a while. As Brad noticed, the swampy depths of this novel put my complete disposition into the able hands of Karen Russell. When she wanted me happy, I was happy. When she wanted me suspicious, I sniffed a rat. When she wanted me to feel complete despair about everything in the entire world…

But a few hours of despair is totally worth it because this woman can write like nothing else. She’s got such command of language and such a powerful voice. She literally takes your breath away. Or, her sweet characters and their view on the world take your breath away. I bookmarked about 18 thousand places in this book, but here’s just a little thing her 11-year-old character had to say about her parents:

“You know, my father trained himself to be my mother’s sun, electrically speaking.” That was exactly how my dad described the job of love.

Oh man, I’m breathless again. This book is a treat. A deep, dark, treat.


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