May 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

Before Hiram goes to bed, I’ve started singing Kumbaya to him. I know. This is a little bit cheesy. But, my mom used to sing it to me and I like the message. Especially just before I leave my sweet baby alone in his bed all night.

As part of the process, I try to insert what some might call a “win,” as a way to reflect on the day. Something like, “someone’s running fast, my Lord.” Or, “Someone’s holding the candle, my Lord.” Hiram especially likes this and points out that the “someone” is him.

If I don’t nail his top accomplishment though, he’ll suggest enhancements. Like, “Someone is running really fast at the lake and then sees Giki and Bumpa!” Or “Someone’s holding the candle while we get e-Lew some baptized.” The longer, the better, really.

Lately, he’s also started suggesting the things he’s gotten in trouble for.

At first, this was hard for us to encourage, but then I realized it’s actually perfect.  It’s a way to clear the air on some of the more heated issues we had during the day and sends the message that we love him no matter what. So, now we try not to laugh while we sing the naughty ones too: “Someone’s not listening and being sassy.” and “Someone’s putting noodles in his milk.”


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