Potty Camp

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Everything I’ve ever read or heard about potty training says you should start when you have “4-5 days to devote to potty training” and then start a regimen of trying to go every single hour until your kid gets the hang of it. Sounds easy enough, except that our family only has one non-stop week of together-time scheduled in the forseeable future.

The week we were planning to be on vacation.

At the cabin.

With no washer or dryer.

Clearly, you can see the flaw in this plan. But what else is there to do?

Answer: Potty Camp.

Headed to Potty Camp with a backpack full of clothes!

Today was Hiram’s first day of Potty Camp. Which is really just daycare. Except the people in this daycare promise to put your kid on the pot once an hour and send a bag of dirty clothes home with you each night for a week.

The most fun thing about Potty Camp is that it’s just a few minutes walk from my office. So Hiram and I got to take the bus together this morning and the bus/train to the park after work. We also got to have lunch together before nap time (in retrospect, this lunch intermission from Potty Camp was probably a mistake– Hiram thought he was done for the day after polishing off his pizza slice and was horrified to realize he was headed back for more hard potty work).

Hard work it was, my friends. When I asked Hiram how his day was he said, “I’m tired of going potty.” He flat-out refused to go in the potty anymore at home and also refused to change out of his big boy underwear.

I’m sure you can see where this is headed– straight to dinner– where the four of us sat enjoying hot dogs, strawberries and milk to celebrate his first day.

“So, Hiram! How was potty camp?”

“I just peed.”

Rock on, Potty Camp.


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