Me vs. 20 lbs: June Update

June 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

After an early set-back, May shaped up to be a great month for fitness progress. Aside from the obvious joys of dropping a few pounds and an inch, I also reached a few other key milestones this month.

  • I fit into most of my pre-maternity pants (!)
  • My runs feel amazing.
  • My harshest critic (me) thinks my belly looks a little bit better.

I’m also pretty excited about Brad and my skills at slipping exercise in around other things. Wondering how to pack an hour nap, quality park time and two five-mile runs into 70 minutes? Here’s how:

Step 1: Send Brad out the door for 20 minutes of running

Step 2: Spend 19 minutes changing into running clothes, changing diapers, packing snacks and loading up the duelie stroller.

Step 3: Stand on the curb and wait for Brad.

Step 4: Start running with Brad as he passes by. Run for 30 minutes with both boys. Pacify Hiram with morning snack, ice water and a few of his favorite songs.  

Step 5: End up at the park. This should occur about 5 minutes after Hiram starts asking, “Where is the park? How much longer?”

Step 6: Leave Brad (who has completed 50 minutes of running) and the boys at the park (or bring e-Lew with in the stroller if he’s happy).

Step 7: Run 20 minutes (for a total of 50) and end up back at the park.

Step 8: Proceed with your day.

See? Simple.

Here’s my fitness report for the month. Progress is happening!


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