Happy Birthday Hiram! 3 Years!

June 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

It’s (finally!) Hiram’s third birthday and he couldn’t be happier. It seems like he’s been planning for this day since his last birthday and has provided us with a long list of things he’s expecting, including “ball cookies,” 5 trucks (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) and a party at the Lake Harriet Band Shell Park.

Since I am not sure what he exactly means by ball cookies, he’s asking for 5 and 6 trucks at the same time, and the band shell park is under construction, I fear his birthday might not be all he’s dreaming it will be. But we’ll try!

At any rate, he’s done a lot this month. So much to report.

Potty Training: Hiram started potty training in earnest. He (read: we) are on a little break right now, but not before making tons and tons of great progress. Hiram is *this close* to making the switch. Now, he just needs to want it.

Hits and Strikes: Stealing an awesome idea from my good friend T.U., we’ve started going around the table each night to talk about the best (hits) and worst (strikes) parts of our days. This is great because Hiram always puts a lot of thought into his answers. So far, it his hits are related to being in the same school as Eldyn and his strikes seem to be vaguely associated with potty training.

Well…: Hiram has started responding to our requests with the word, “well…” For example, we’ll say, “Hiram, it’s time to take a bath,” and he’ll say, “Well…I’m a little bit busy right now.” I was pretty impressed with his tact—where did he learn this awesome skill of saying “no” without saying “no”? Then yesterday, Hiram asked me if we could take a detour while we were out on a run. “Well…,” I said.

Happy Birthday my big little man!


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