Eldyn: 6 Months

June 14, 2012 § 2 Comments


That went quick. My baby is 6 months old today.

Yum! Eldyn started eating (a.k.a. gobbling) rice cereal this month and seems thrilled to have an active role at the dinner table now. He loves to hold the spoon himself and seems to understand that the general goal is to get the round end into his mouth. Either that or he just understands that the round end feels real nice on his achy, teething gums.

Sit! Eldyn has mastered the art of the wobble-sit, which has made him a bit more picky about where he likes to be set down. Ideally, he likes to be set on his bottom amidst a wide variety of toys and pillows. Oh, and he likes you to sit close by so you can retrieve his toys when they make their way out of reach or help when he flops over onto his ear.

Tell Me Everything: Eldyn’s been good at expressing himself since birth, but this month he’s added a few more sounds to his communication toolbox. My favorite is the one that sounds like “mamamamamama.” I pretend this means “mama,” but I think it actually means, “Put milk in my mouth.” He’s also got a pretty impossible-to-ignore yelp/yell/growl sound that means, “Hey Ma? I got my leg stuck in the crib again.”


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