Flower Olympics

July 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not sure if you’re already reading our Commemorate the Date blog, but I wanted to turn your attention to this post because it incorporates so many things that make me happy.

  • The Olympics
  • Commemorate the Date
  • My parents anniversary painting
  • My friend Sue’s 5-years cancer free painting

Check it out: http://commemoratethedate.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/flower-olympics/


Say What? Even God Eats Alone

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Ever since we went to Hiram’s prayer milestone at church, we’ve been doing some version of saying prayers at bedtime. Since saying prayers makes Hiram feel painfully shy, it’s usually up to Brad and me to list off a few things we’re thankful for and maybe one or two “please helps” for good measure.

Finally last week, Hiram started to ask questions about praying and God. He’s got some pretty great questions including: 

  • Where is God? (I said: in your heart and everywhere)
  • If God is in my heart, can I push on him? (I said: you can try)
  • If God is everywhere, is he downstairs? (I said: yes)
  • Is God eating dinner all by himself down there?

Just Like That

July 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

And, just like that, my floors seem a whole lot filthier.


Just Me and You Kid

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I’ve wanted to post this photo since Eldyn switched to baby food, but didn’t want it to get scooped up on the craziness that followed the library debacle. Now that things have died down, I’m hoping I can slip it in quietly.

Here is a picture of Eldyn just before his first bite of food. Until this moment, it was him and me, working together to grow him from the size of a spec to the size of a baby.

Eldyn Lewis, 5.5 months and almost 20 pounds.


And, since I didn’t have this blog when Hiram was at this point, here’s a picture of Hiram too.

Hiram David, 4.5 months and almost 21 pounds.

Barrows Weekly: 7/25/12

July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

This is a short one since I used up half my photos on Monday’s vacation post. Still a few worthwhile ones though.

$1 Million

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I’ll admit it. I sometimes like to think of myself as indispensable to my two babies. While I’m thinking this, there’s also a part of me that knows I’m humoring myself.

Sure. I’m a great diaper changer. And no one can chop and peel a grape like me. But. There’s also a pretty good chance these stunning attributes are offset by other less stunning attributes. In the end, I know my boys will probably be just fine no matter which loving caregiver is in charge.

Last night, for the first time in a while, I made plans that forced me to miss dinner and bedtime at home. Despite worrying that my family would suffer without me, I spent all day yesterday looking forward to a night out. I did give Brad specific instructions though. I said, “Call if things aren’t going well. If Eldyn won’t take a bottle, call right away.”

Since Eldyn’s been selectively boycotting the bottle, I guess I was more than expecting a call around bedtime. And if I am being completely honest, I would have to admit I was hoping they’d call. At least a little part of me was hoping. But alas, bedtime came and went with no frantic call from home. I was left to enjoy myself. My family was fine without me.

And then I got a text. It was later than bedtime because Bradly was trying to give me a whole night out to myself. But he also did what he promised. He sent me a text that said:

Hiram is in bed, Eldyn is not having a very good night but we’re doing fine and he’ll settle down eventually 🙂 love you!

“I’ll be right there.” I texted back and then rushed home to find proof I really am indispensable to my baby—he desperately wanted me.

I guess pre-bedtime outings are back on hold for just a little bit longer.

Feeling like a million bucks has its price. But it’s still a bargain.

Barrows Family Vacation 2012

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Here we are. Back from our week-long cabin vacation already. It seemed relaxing at the time but it also seems like we were never gone. Here are a few of the best photos from last week.

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