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Eldyn has taken to squirming like a crazy person whenever we need to change his diaper. This might sound cute to you, but it was actually getting pretty stressful considering he has no sense.

Luckily, we found a toy that was crazy enough to distract him while we got the “hard part” of the diaper change done. We still have to trail behind him — snapping his onesie and slipping his shoes on while he crawls — but at least he hasn’t been dropped on his head. Yet.


State Fair 2012

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We hit the state fair this week, without Sir Hiram (he’s at the cabin with Giki and Bumpa). It felt a little bit strange going around as a family of 3-sans-Hike, but I think Eldyn had fun being the center of attention for a while.

Here’s a list of things we did:

  1. Eat too much

Here’s a list of things we ate (in 2 hours):

  1. Corn dog
  2. Cheese curds
  3. Taffy
  4. Walleye Roll
  5. Beer
  6. Carmel Apples

And now. Salad.

State Fair, 2011

State Fair, 2010

Barrows Weekly – 8/29/12

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There’s just something about baseball on a late summer night. Especially baseball with your dad. It made me feel in touch with summer like I haven’t felt since my tree climbing days.

Last night we cashed in the tickets we won in a raffle and enjoyed a Twins game from the comfort of the Legend’s Club at Target stadium. Since then, I’ve had “We’re gonna win Twins” in my head. (Of course, feeling nostalgic, I’m forced to tell you that my brother and I learned the words wrong as kids. Now I can’t ever claim possession of “guys who’ll knock the cover off the ball.” Instead, I sing, “We got the gazzlenack to cover up the ball!”

Unfortunately, the Twins lacked gazzlenack last night, but it was still fun.


Family Reunion: 2012

August 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

Look at this group of lovelies! What fun was had at the 2012 Kuhl family reunion over the weekend. Despite being “not pictured,” e-Lew and I were also there and I know the whole Barrows section of this family is a little bit sad it’s over. Highlights from the weekend were:

  • Seeing everyone who could make it and hearing all the updates
  • Introducing e-Lew to the whole gang
  • Watching Hiram finally start interacting with his (second) cousins — we’ve been waiting 3 years for them to be big enough to acknowledge each other
  • Eating and eating and eating
  • Having a room close to the action so I could still be part of the fun (despite Eldyn napping for a total of 14 hours on Saturday)
  • Watching Hiram show me how he learned to pump on a swing
  • Winning the “best looking cookie” prize in the cookie baking contest (quite the honor considering the talent I was up against)
  • Seeing my dad wear bunny slippers




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I kind of love this Ouch Report.

Barrows Weekly – 8/22/12

August 22, 2012 § 3 Comments

Friday night + CSA veggie overload = Grilled CSA veggie pizza night (delish, let me know if you need a good grilled crust recipe)


Hiram recently added the finger/nose hook to his thumb-sucking posture — just like Eldyn.


e-Lew’s top two teeth are finally busting through and they look huge! Poor little dude.


Hiram and Bumpa at the preschool room field trip to Chutes and Ladders. Bumpa was in heaven.


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