Hiram: 3 Years + 4 Months

October 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

I’m outta here: More and more, Hiram heads off on his own. When I realize he’s done this, I still freak out and run looking for him. When I find him, he ‘s all, “What?”

What indeed! He’s always doing something totally fine. Like, going to the bathroom, changing his clothes or cleaning up his room. The other day I had to pretend I had just raced up all the stairs in the house to floss my teeth right that second.

Extra Curricular. Somehow this September, Hiram got quite a busy social calendar. He sings in Wee Praise at church, goes to Sunday school and we all go to music class on Saturdays. This, combined with Brad and my calendars (and P90xercising) has us hopping like never before. While it’s still manageable, I can see how this trend could lead straight to a second career as a minivan driver soon.

Were You Sad? Hiram’s started thinking about the way other people feel in certain situations.  This is an awesome milestone, but also a little funny because he only thinks of scenarios where he’s involved in some way. For example, when he gets home from school he’ll ask me if I was sad he was gone all day. (Yes!) The other day he got off his chair, scooted it around and snugged it up RIGHT next to Brad at dinner. Then he said, “Were you sad when I was sitting all the way over there?”

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