Sick Time

October 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

A stomach bug made its way into our happy little home and hosed everything up the past few days. Here’s how it went down.

Friday into Saturday: e-Lew woke up doing what I thought was “coughing and spitting up peas.” In retrospect, this is the definition of puking but I guess I was in denial.

Saturday and Sunday: Everything was fine.

Sunday into Monday: I was “coughing and spitting up” everything. Violently. All night.

Monday morning: I was incapable of doing anything.  Thankfully the boys were fine – although Bradly was exhausted from tending to my antics all night. They went to daycare and work and I went nowhere. Except to the grocery store where the check-out lady took one look at me and my cart of saltines, white bread and ginger ale and insisted on carrying my single bag out to my car for me.

Monday afternoon: I was starting to feel better until Brad sent this text: tonight = no good. I’m starting to not feel so hot. This is when I realized two things: 1) I desperately needed Bradly and 2) “Better” was a relative term. Better did not mean I could remain upright for more than 10 minutes at a time, stay awake for more than an hour at a time or handle the smell of anything but saltines.

Monday evening: Those who could ate hot dogs and our whole family watched Cars on the couch. Hiram and Eldyn were, of course, hyper.

Monday into Tuesday: Surprise! Brad was fine after hitting the hay early (thank you, God). But Hiram started coughing and spitting up hot dogs at 2 and kept going strong until 4:30 when he decided it was “wake up time,” stripped naked and started slamming his dresser drawers in search of the perfect thing to wear. Eldyn, like clockwork, was up at 5:30 and so we were on to another day.

Tuesday: Eldyn and I are on regularly scheduled programming while Brad helps Hiram recuperate at home. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day. Actually, I take that back. Let’s hope the better starts tonight at 8:05 when everyone in the house is already asleep.


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§ 2 Responses to Sick Time

  • Naomi says:

    Jason and I had the same thing Sunday night and all day Monday. Perhaps we all shared bugs at dinner on Saturday. There is definitely something going around! We’re both feeling better now, but man, was it awful! I hope the Barrows family is on the mend as well!

    • Brad says:

      This is indeed a crazy bug, it took out half of my volleyball team too! …and i haven’t seen them in a week so it wasn’t me 🙂

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