Hike’s Dictionary: Clemen Time

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Clemen – klem-uhn- (noun) A small, sweet orange citrus fruit that is easy to peel. My clemen just squirted me in the eye!

Clemen Time – klem-uhn tahym- (noun) A period of time set aside for eating Clemens. I want Clemen Time.

I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out if Hiram knows what this fruit is actually called. Tonight, it became clear that he really isn’t sure. While it’s a cute misunderstanding, I think he’s trying pretty hard to figure out which one is right. So, it’s probably time we set him straight. Even if the idea of a pre-determined Clemen Time really is brilliant.


Your Mother Nature Called

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This morning I was in such a funk. I had completely overbooked myself and was finally faced with the task of realizing this truth. And so. Instead of starting in on my long, long list of things that needed (needed!) to be done, I went running.

The route I took has been affectionately dubbed “RunningX” which meant I had almost a full hour to reconfigure my mood. As usual, running helped me think of ways to double up on productivity while simultaneously allowing for a little perspective on what was actually essential. But today, two other things happened. And they gave me the distinct impression that regardless of my time saving ideas, Mother Nature wants me to slow down too.

  1.  A thin film of ice was starting to form on Lake Nokomis. A few years ago, I found myself standing in front of some similar ice and threw a rock out into the middle to see if I could get it to bust through. Instead, it skittered across and made the most surprising sound — something between a whistle and a jingle. Now, whenever I see this “baby ice” I can never resist throwing another rock and today, I got to hear that sound again.
  2. Along my route, there’s a stone “listening bench” that is designed to amplify the sounds you can hear on the shore of Lake Hiawatha. Today, I passed this bench just as 300 geese flew by, squawking and acting like crazy birds. I sat down in the bench and heard 600 geese instead.

Barrows Weekly: Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Edition

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What e-Lew Likes: Reading the Word “Boo”

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e-Lew loves his hand-me-down Peek-a-Who? book by Nina Laden and can almost always be found trotting it over to one of the three of us to read to him. Only thing is, he already knows what it says.

It says, “Boo!” of course.

In Eldyn’s opinion, every single page of Peek-a-Who? says “Boo.”




In fact, according to e-Lew, every single page of every book says “Boo.” He seems completely thrilled to have FINALLY figured out this whole reading thing.

Playing Yoga

November 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

There’s a good chance these photos would get swept up with the rest of the holiday flurry on Barrows Weekly day, so I’m giving them their own day today.

Hiram and I doing yoga together over the weekend:

Barrows Weekly – 11/23/12

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Yesterday was my annual observance of Clean the House Day and I was really into it this year. WAY too busy dusting the insides of all the cabinets to find time to post photos.

Luckily, today is Thanksgiving, so let’s just pretend I was saving this post for today. It features three of my most thank-worthy people, after all.

1) Brad – doing what he does best.


2) Hiram – doing what he does best.


And last but not least, Eldyn, doing what he does best.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Family Portrait

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Here is the first family portrait Hiram has ever drawn that includes all four of us.
Yes. That is me in the middle with the ponytail.
No. This is not an unrealistic representation.
Maybe. I could mix it up a little with my hair dos.

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