Who Needs a Speech?

November 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Since I don’t know when, I’ve had this ache to be my own boss.

Now that I’m a mama and wife and responsible, I often try to squash that little ache because it’s not something that’s very practical, really. But then, I realize that I can’t look at my babies in their eyes unless I’m true to myself. And so. I’ve decided to hit the speech and script writing part of my freelance business pretty hard in 2013.

Now that I’m just being honest with myself about what the heck I want in life, I need to be honest about something else too. That is, despite many (wonderful) personality attributes that lend themselves well to entrepreneurship, I have one very large and very fundamental personality flaw — at least when it comes to having my own business. That flaw is this: I am terrible at asking for help. Or even worse, asking for work (a.k.a. money). Sooooo. Yep. That’s gotta change.

I made a little business plan for myself and let me tell you, that thing got lofty right quick. So many ideas and approaches and things to do! If you know me, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is what I like to do when I  “start businesses.” I implement ideas. The problem is, implementing strategy is the easy part. Asking for work is the hard part. And since I’m such a prolific idea girl, it’s easy to keep myself very busy doing the easy part and skip the hard part. Sooooo. Yep. That’s gotta change.

This time, I let myself make a lofty and exciting plan. But I’ve also decided that I can’t move into the next phase of my plan until I prove that the things I’m doing are actually business. Before I can move to phase two, I need to be hired by two people. I need to write two speeches or scripts – for pay.

And so. Hi. I’m looking for work as a speech or script writer. I’ve got quite a lot of experience and I’d love your referral or inquiry. You can see more here: www.hadleybarrows.com


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