Eldyn: 11 Months

November 16, 2012 § 3 Comments

Ummmmmm! Not sure if he really, really loves everything he eats or if he just likes making us all smile, but Eldyn has started saying, “Ummmmmm!” whenever he eats anything. It’s ridiculously cute, even if it is a little hard to believe. Last night, Eldyn seemingly couldn’t believe his taste buds every time he at a soy bean.

My way or the highway: Oh man. Don’t even try to stop Eldyn from doing what he has in mind.  The other day, I took a marker away from him because he was gnawing off the top. He froze, opened his astonished mouth, gathered all the fit he could muster and glared at me through teary eyes while screaming for a good five minutes. Luckily, his brother found him another, even better thing to chew so e-Lew (reluctantly) forgave me.

New Kicks: At the request of his daycare teacher, Eldyn has brand new, very big-boy looking shoes. I keep feeling like they make it harder for him to almost-walk (as opposed to easier, as his teacher insists.) But on the other hand, they are very sturdy and flat-bottomed. It’s possible he stands up better in the same way a person with their feet stuck in concrete stands up better. Regardless, we still let him roam barefoot at home.


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