Hiram: 3 Years + 6 Months

December 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Quick stop at Caribou for some hot chocolate!

Match Maker: Lately, Hiram has been very concerned with keeping track of our wedding rings. He notices right away if one of us isn’t wearing ours (which reasonably happens  from time to time) and takes it upon himself to 1) find the misplaced ring and 2) immediately return it to its owner. He does this with such a sense of importance, it’s impossible not to take him seriously, even if you are elbow-deep in raw turkey.

Merry Christmas: Hiram is in Christmas’s wheel-house this year. He loves everything about Christmas (except Santa, he is still very suspicious of Santa). He could barely wait to decorate the tree, loves pointing out decorations and has been diligently counting down the days until the 25th. He makes all this holiday craziness worth it (perhaps even fun?) I love Christmas with Hiram.

Go Mad: I am not sure if this was intentionally taught to him at daycare or if it’s just a happy mistake, but Hiram calls “Bad Guys” “Mad Guys.” I think this is awesome. In Hiram’s world, no one is really “bad.” Sometimes they, like anyone, are mad. And that makes them temporarily mean. But not bad forever.

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