Christmas Program 2012

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you know Hiram, you know that he can be (oh so very) painfully shy. Which may explain why he spent last Saturday morning practicing his Christmas Program with his security blanket wrapped three times around his hunched little shoulders and his thumb suctioned to the roof of his mouth.
This dry run on Saturday forced me to do a little 4 a.m. soul-searching on Sunday before the show. I started out lying in bed, worrying about getting the front/center seat so I could be there if he needed me. I ended up sitting alone in the dark, staring out the window and worrying that I was some kind of terrible helicopter mother.
As the morning went on, I kept looking for clues to help me confirm that Hiram should skip his program. But something in my head told me to press on. Be firm. Be the one who believed he could do it. Ultimately – help Hiram DO THIS THING. And so, we dropped him off in his room where he sat on the floor and refused to take off his coat. We took our seats in the front/center of the church to wait.
When it was finally time for the program to begin, Hiram followed the others in. He still had his blanket and was still sucking his thumb, but at least the Sunday School teacher had coaxed him out of his snow pants. Then, two minutes into the first song, it became clear that Hiram needed us. He stopped paying attention and started making motions.
“What does he want?” I whispered to Brad.
“I’m not sure,” Brad responded.
And that was when my big little boy took his thumb out of his mouth, rolled his security blanket into a ball and held it to us in outstretched arms.
Hiram needed us to take his blanket off his hands.

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