Eldyn: 1 Year!

December 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

Before - front

Happy Birthday little Bug. It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, we still had a few hours to wait before we could lay eyes on your fuzzy blond hair and sweet little cheeks. Now look at you.

What’s in Here? Eldyn is into Ev.Ri.Thing. And he’s got a total knack for finding the worst things to get into. After forgetting about the under-oven drawer for most of our time in this house, I finally decided it was a safe place to store glass pans. After all, no one ever (ever) looks in there. Except Eldyn. Who waddled over to the well hidden drawer yesterday and opened it up like an expert. OOOOo! Glass items!

Step it Up: Eldyn absolutely LOVES to go up steps. It is the highlight of his life. As the mother of a household that exists on three levels (separated by treacherous steps) I’ve known for a while that at some point, despite my best efforts, all my babies will fall down the steps. And so, I’ve been encouraging this new-found love of e-Lew’s. I follow him up the steps and carry him back down to try again. And again. And again. Learn, little love. That way, you aren’t guaranteed to crack your head when I drop the ball.

No vs. Nose: Now, Eldyn points to his nose and says “no.” Of course, Brad and I were thrilled to hear him telling us about his nose and proudly conveyed this to everyone we know, including his daycare teacher. Only thing is, his daycare teacher thinks he’s saying something else. Apparently, Eldyn likes to bop his playmates on the nose, and often hears his teacher tell him “no-no” as a result.

So. Is Eldyn saying “No” or “Nose?” Let’s all just decide for ourselves.

Eldyn – Just Born


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