Hike’s Dictionary: Bein’ Ten

December 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Bein’ Ten – bee-in ten- (verb) To make-believe. I’m bein’ ten I’m bumpa!

I’ve been trying to settle for weeks on the exact phonetic spelling for this word of Hiram’s. Bein’ Ten is one of Hiram’s favorite things to do, so he’s always saying it. But he says it fast, so it’s hard to nail down. Luckily for me, he’s started slowing down a little in order to explain himself to me.

Hiram: I’m a baby.

Me: Hiram, you’re not a baby! You can do so much more than a baby. You’re a big boy!

Hiram: Mom. I’m Beeeein’ Teeeeeennnn.



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