What e-Lew Likes: A Quick Quiz

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Here’s a quick e-Lew quiz. Answer all the questions correctly to win the prize of bragging rights.

Eldyn likes to stick his finger in: 

  1. His nose
  2. Jello
  3. Any electrical socket

Eldyn thinks it’s most fun to jump: 

  1. Up and down
  2. Into bed
  3. Head-first off anything

Eldyn can most often be found playing with: 

  1. His toys
  2. His brother
  3. The hole in the bathroom wall

Eldyn thinks this is boring:

  1. Sliding down the steps on his tummy
  2. Touching his space heater to see if it’s hot
  3. Sitting quietly and listening to stories

Eldyn likes to push this button:

  1. The one that turns the family computer off abruptly
  2. The one that re-sets his clock
  3. All of the above and below
  4. The one that turns off all the lights on the timer
  5. The one that starts the dishwasher
  6. The one on his belly

If you answered mostly 3’s, you know my little man all too well. Congrats!


Barrows Weekly – 1/30/13

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Say What? Fancy Dinner

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This happened a while ago but since I have been slacking a bit in the blog department, it was never properly documented. I was telling a friend about it today and she said, “you should write that one down.” You are right, friend. I should…

Sometimes, when life is too crazy, I we have Breakfast For Dinner, or BFD. I know Cheerios with milk and fruit is a pretty wholesome meal, but I still feel a little bit guilty serving it for dinner. One night after a crazy/late day at work, I was slapping together a particularly shoddy showing of BFD when Hiram walked into the kitchen.

“Why are we having such a fancy dinner, mama?” he asked.

“Because I love you so much.” I said.



The Big 3-6

January 28, 2013 § 1 Comment

My 36th birthday celebration weekend was equal parts fun and sick. Which, I guess I could have projected given our 2013 track record.

The boys woke me up with my first gift of the day (from Hiram) which would have been cookie cutters if Target “had any good ones” but instead was chocolate chips. Then, B and I took the day off and had lots of fun eating breakfast and watching a movie in a theater. We made it all the way until 4 before we had to pick up e-Lew, his re-infected ear and his re-pink eye. We ended the night with a fun family dinner, a Nook gift card and a future date night promise from my sweet B.

e-Lew and I recuperated his ear and our eyes (mine was also now pink) on Thursday and he made it four hours at daycare on Friday before he was returned to me with another (still undiagnosed) disease that caused fever between the hours of 2 and 5 each day through Saturday. I had an unrelated disease which caused me to abandon all parenting responsibilities on Saturday and sleep like a fiend. Luckily, I was feeling better in time for my birthday soiree, so we partied at my parents’ until all hours of the night (read: 8:15) and crashed (like the animals we were) by 9:30.

Sunday was snowy, which, sadly, made me feel sick because I am in no way prepared to ski 22 miles in 1.5 weeks — a scenario our beautiful (yet woefully late) snowfall has all but guaranteed. Regardless, we had fun pulling each other in the sled, skipping through snow piles and eating more homemade chocolate chip cookies than dinner.

All in all, a good, good time. And luckily I got all the candles out. Sooo, my wish for a healthy little family should be coming true any time now. Here are some pics.

Top 10: 2012

January 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Woah! It’s almost my birthday and I still haven’t recorded my top ten for 2012. If I wait much longer, I won’t be able to remember anything about 2012, so I better get cracking.

1) Maternity Leave with e-Lew

2) Getting to hear more about what Hiram thinks

3) Running the Mora half marathon with Bradly

4) Getting back in shape

5) Reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murikami

6) Destination: Puppy Dog Tails (family bike ride across town — Hiram riding in the seat on the back of my bike)

7) Darts date night on summer vacation

8) Watching the Holidazzle with my three boys

9) Commemorate the Date in the Star Tribune

10) Asher E. Smith

Top 10 Archives

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Scope Creep

January 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

A few days ago we saw a few drops of water dripping from our kitchen ceiling. Today we have two holes in our bathroom wall, shiny new pipes that are unattached to a sink and (luckily) a bathtub that can double as a hand washing basin. Yep. It was Plumbing Weekend at our house. We could probably already have ourselves back in business if it weren’t for the scope creep. Here’s our progression so far:

  1. Put our old sink back
  2. Get some kind of under-sink cabinet to help cover up the huge hole the plumber made in the wall
  3. Get a nice, big double sink to make life easier
  4. Get a nice, big under-sink cabinet, since, you know, we have the space
  5. Put two spigots on our nice big double sink
  6. Get two wall-mounted spigots since they look nicer
  7. Tile around our wall-mounted spigots since they won’t look right otherwise
  8. Maybe forget about the wall-mounted spigots
  9. Maybe forget about the double spigots
  10. Maybe forget about the double sink and cabinet
  11. Maybe just get a sink that will cover up the hole in the wall
  12. Maybe we have no idea what to do
  13. Maybe we need to call our dads

Say What? God

January 17, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hiram has been dropping the Big Man’s name quite often lately. It’s cracking me up.

Hiccups: I was driving the boys to daycare this morning when I heard Hiram start to hiccup violently in the back seat. After a few particularly big ones, Hiram said, “I have the hiccups.”

“Those buggers!” I said, “How did you get those?”

“From God.” he said.

Bedtime: The other night I told Hiram to head upstairs and get ready for bed.

“God says it’s not bedtime.” he said.


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