Scope Creep

January 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

A few days ago we saw a few drops of water dripping from our kitchen ceiling. Today we have two holes in our bathroom wall, shiny new pipes that are unattached to a sink and (luckily) a bathtub that can double as a hand washing basin. Yep. It was Plumbing Weekend at our house. We could probably already have ourselves back in business if it weren’t for the scope creep. Here’s our progression so far:

  1. Put our old sink back
  2. Get some kind of under-sink cabinet to help cover up the huge hole the plumber made in the wall
  3. Get a nice, big double sink to make life easier
  4. Get a nice, big under-sink cabinet, since, you know, we have the space
  5. Put two spigots on our nice big double sink
  6. Get two wall-mounted spigots since they look nicer
  7. Tile around our wall-mounted spigots since they won’t look right otherwise
  8. Maybe forget about the wall-mounted spigots
  9. Maybe forget about the double spigots
  10. Maybe forget about the double sink and cabinet
  11. Maybe just get a sink that will cover up the hole in the wall
  12. Maybe we have no idea what to do
  13. Maybe we need to call our dads

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