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Laranalur – la-ra-na-lur (variations: ra-lu-ra-na or lur-na-lur-na-mau-la-nurrrr)- (noun) A (usually) ceramic fixture mounted on the wall and used by men for urination. I want to use the laranalur. 

I never thought about it before, but this is a ridiculously hard word to say. Even harder, apparently, for me to remember despite the high number of fairly obvious context clues that typically accompany its use.



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One advantage of having someone else watch your kids for any amount of time is that they come up with new tips/tricks for dealing with them. This is handy because, while we’ve known for a while that Eldyn will likely burn himself on his space heater, we’ve been unable to — how do those baby books put it…”redirect him” effectively. Turns out, all this redirection is adding up to boo in E-Lew’s mind. When we find him another toy or distract him with a book it’s essentially the equivalent of saying “Oh little bug, I think possibly some time in the distant future you really should consider a discontinuation of this practice as it could lead to slight discomfort.”

When really, what we mean is, “Eldyn! No!”

Anywhoo – my dad figured this out after just 2 days and mentioned it to me. He said, “Eldyn wasn’t listening so finally I got very stern and said, “No!” He cried pretty hard but he never did it again.”

He never did it again. People.

Just like that.

And so, tonight, when Eldyn was again pushing all the buttons on his space heater, I said, “NO!” Only this time, I mustered up all the No-ness inside of me and put it all into the one single word. There was no question I meant it. Eldyn bawled. But. Also. He hasn’t done it again.

With such a potent tool at our disposal, it’s tempting to wield the “No” Sword all the time. Just think of all the things we could get him to stop doing: Poking electrical sockets, turning the computer off, taking everything out of every drawer, banging the pots and pans, etc. Unfortunately,  B and I are limiting it’s use to “life or death” which basically just leaves electrical sockets.

Electrical sockets is good though. I’ll take electrical sockets.

Mora Classic Complete! Celebration

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B and I celebrated completing the Mora Classic with a “beach vacation” on the sunny shores of Lake Superior last weekend. B asked me to pick the highlight of our long weekend trip to Tofte, MN and I couldn’t decide. Here’s the list of all the things that are tied for number 1.

  • Watching “Silver Lining Playbook” in the theater before the Oscars
  • Shopping for Favorite Things Dinner and teaching B how to eat a kumquat
  • Driving along Lake Superior in the light snow while sipping a hot Earl Grey tea latte
  • Seeing Lake Superior in many different moods – angry ocean-sized waves to soothing little lap-sized ones
  • Drinking coffee and reading a book for an entire morning with B
  • Driving to Grand Marais and eating a delicious lunch
  • Getting a 90 minute hot stone massage
  • The wine flight and cheese plate experience
  • Watching “Argo” in the living room of our condo, with a fire in the fire-place and the lake outside (again, before the Oscars)
  • Realizing the worst part of the vacation so far was running out of time for an outdoor hot tub soak before Yoga class
  • Our snow shoe hike around Mount Oberg
  • “Throwing together” fried egg, avocado and $15 cheddar sandwiches on multi-grain toast, with lemon plums on the side and fancy beer to drink, for lunch
  • No-stress cross-country skiing
  • Finally seeing “Hunger Games”
  • Granola Pancakes
  • Betty’s Pies
  • Opening my eyes (on my own time) three mornings in a row and seeing this:


Make the Plan. Work the Plan.

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Hiram seems to be entering back into a phase of random outbursts. We’d been doing well for a while, but they’ve started creeping back. What makes these outbursts notable is that they happen for little-to-no reason. Like, the other day. He was hysterically beside himself because I washed his pink cup.

There were floaties in it.

Anyway, this time, we’ve been trying something different and so far, I’m feeling optimistic. The trick is this: Hiram, like the rest of us (or at least like his type-A mama) likes to have a plan.

When he has one, things glide along like butter. When he doesn’t, he cries over spilled floaties.

Here was the plan we had for Sunday morning:

  1. Make Muffins
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Go potty
  4. Get dressed
  5. Go to Sunday School
  6. Go potty
  7. Get Hiram’s hair cut
  8. Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch
  9. Go potty
  10. Take a nap

Sunday morning, with that simple plan, we had one of the happiest days I can remember. We only told him the plan once, but he totally knew what was supposed to come next. And he was happy. Then Monday, we were back on what I thought was routine so we skipped the plan. Here’s what happened instead.

  1. Wake up 
  2. Go potty
  3. Get dressed
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Get in the car
  6. Drive to the coffee shop
  7. Throw a complete fit
  8. Refuse to go into the coffee shop
  9. Scream and kick
  10. Be ticked
  11. The end

Moral of the story: Make the plan. Work the plan. It really is that simple.

You Can Quote Me On This

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Hadley Barrows

Wouldn’t it be fun to coin the perfect quote? To say something people couldn’t resist repeating when they needed a little inspiration?

I think we all have quotable material inside our heads. The trick is getting it down in a way that’s truly quote-worthy. This President’s Day, let’s see if we can learn a few things from some famous POTUS quotes.

Idea #1: Give your audience something to hold. Especially when your speaking out loud, the use of a tangible idea helps bring your point to life.

A house divided against itself cannot stand — Abraham Lincoln

Idea #2: Keep it short. Keep it tight. Going on and on about something, even something interesting, is grounds for a bore fest. Plus, how will people repeat your quote if it’s 350 words long?

The buck stops here. – Harry S. Truman

Idea #3: Make it “feel” true. And by true, I…

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Eldyn: 1 Year + 2 Months

February 16, 2013 § 2 Comments


e-Lew turned 1 year + 2 months on Valentine’s Day!

Independence: You can’t spell independence without I, but if you’re e-Lew, you don’t really care about spelling and just scream Me My Me! Eldyn wants to do everything for himself, including feed himself yogurt (see above). Not allowing him to do his thing is one of the (only) two things guaranteed to produce an e-Lew meltdown.

The other thing: The other thing that makes Eldyn cry is making him feel like he made a mistake. A few weeks ago, he knocked down one of Hiram’s towers and we all said some version of “oh no” simultaneously. Eldyn BURST into hysterical crying and was only able to compose himself enough to begin hyper-vento-breathing once we assured him no one was really that mad.

Wake Up Slow: Even though he wakes up at 6 like clockwork, I’m starting to realize e-Lew is not a morning person. Once he manages to get me out of bed and into his room, he far prefers a slow and quiet start to the day. The two of us have been spending morning after morning rocking together in our chair in the dark. Eventually, he starts to talk and will sometimes even sit still for a book. I love these quiet morning minutes with my baby bug.

Eldyn – 2 Months

Barrows Weekly – 2/13/13

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