Hiram: 3 Years + 8 Months

February 7, 2013 § 2 Comments


License to Drive: For the past few months, Hiram’s been preoccupied with roads we’re riding on. He cares a lot about if we’re going to take the freeway or a side street and will sometimes have a meltdown if we don’t do what he wants. Meanwhile, in what we thought was an entirely separate part of his brain, he has come to the conclusion that Herkie is faster than the family car. (As an aside, this is amusing because Herkie is very old and can’t go faster than a geriatric 55… at best). This month, Hiram was finally able to get his dense parents to realize why the road we take matters so much. Hiram likes Herkie to ride on the freeway because Herkie is fast. He likes the family car to take the side streets because it’s slow. It seems so obvious now.

Build Me Up: Wow, Hiram’s got the building bug. He got a whole bunch of new building options for Christmas and uses them daily. His favorite thing to build is a garage for his cars and he’ll build it out of anything he can get his hands on. Lego, castle blocks, shoe boxes, building blocks, Lincoln Logs, or of course, oven mitts.

Tow Mater: Hiram’s desire to dress like his favorite Cars character continues this month — and actually seems to be intensifying. Yesterday, he felt inspired by his brown pants and decided to be Tow Mater for the day. After looking at his Cars book to confirm that it was OK for his brown shirt to have some blue/orange/green on it (like Tow Mater did, phew!) he realized he needed a “hook.” Per his direction, we sent him to school with his Christmas tie clipped to the back of his collar.

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